What is a Silent Disco?

Each person can control the music they have in their headset by changing the channel. Each headset has three channels – red, green and blue – as well as individual volume control.

You could have Calvin Harris playing on the red channel, Creedence Clearwater Revival on the blue channel and Hilltop Hoods on green! Something for everyone.

We ensure the headsets are counted, cleaned and fully charged for every hire. Headsets have around 9 hours battery life before they require charging. We include chargers with your hire just in case you want to ‘try it out’ before your event begins.

Three friends smiling together at camera with silent disco headsets around their necks

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What Are The Next Steps?

  • Confirm Your Headsets

    Contact us with the number of headsets you wish to hire (minimum of 20), the date of your party and your location. Then we can get you a quote. Usually it works out to be around $10 per head to give you a rough idea.

  • Discuss Your Music

    We have iPods available with your Silent Disco hire - we can provide you with playlists or you can send us your Spotify playlist links so we can have it loaded and ready for you. Alternatively let us know about your guests and the vibe you want, then we can discuss booking a DJ or three for you!

  • Let's Plan Some Epic Lighting Effects

    An optional extra to add to the awesome party atmosphere. Starting from $25 for a small house party all the way up to professional LED up lighting colour shows for a grand affair. We have a smoke machine to help you dance like nobody is watching!

  • Get Your Gear

    Pick up (or we can drop off locally) the boxes of headsets, with everything you need to run your very own Silent Disco. We are located in Dunsborough.

  • Time To Disco

    Set up your transmitters, plug in the iPods, hit play - then pop on your headsets and you can get down and boogie!

  • Return Your Gear

    Drop off the boxes (or we can pick up locally) a day or two after your event. Give us a five star review and refer all your friends to us, and revel in the fact you just nailed that party so hard and your guests had the time of their lives!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes this is possible for an extra fee, but it is so easy that we prefer to support you with setting it up yourself.

Please ensure that you and your guests look after our equipment to avoid the replacement fee of $110 per headset. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.